40/45 Spine Premium Port Orford Cedar Arrows

40/45 Spine Premium Port Orford Cedar Arrows

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1 Dozen 40/45 pound spine premium old growth port orford cedar arrows. These arrows are 11/32" diameter with a tail taper down to 5/16" on the nock end. They each have four, 4" shield left cut wing feathers.

The arrows are all 32" long overall (31" Back Of Point). The shafts started with a weight 320-332 grains before tapering, dip, and feathers.


Cut to length ($3.00) - The measurement from the valley of the nock to the "back of point" (BOP). We will add ONE inch for the point taper.

Install Field Points ($6.00) - Choose from 100, 125, 145, 160, or 190 grains.

Custom Ordering

If you would like to order custom arrows, please call or email. (503) 913-1340 or riley@archerypast.com 

There are too many options to include them all on the website, but here is how it breaks down:

  • 1 dozen premium tapered wood arrows matched within five pound spine and 10 grains overall weight. Choose from Douglas Fir or Port Orford Cedar - $115.00.
  • White Crown is free of charge, clear crown with walnut stain on the body of the shaft is an extra $6.00.
  • Choose three 5" feathers or four 4" feathers
  • Choose shield cut feathers or parabolic
  • Choose feather colors - Black, Blue, Blue Barred, Brown, Chartreuse, Chartreuse Barred, Gray, Gray Barred, Green Orange, Pink , Purple, Purple Barred, Red, Red Barred, White, Yellow, Yellow Barred.  No charge for solid color, but barred feathers cost an extra $12.00.
  • Choose your nock color - Apricot, Black, Blue, Lime, Red, White, or Yellow
  • We will match cresting with your color choices free of charge.
  • Cut to length free of charge.
  • Taper for points add $3.00.
  • Install field points.  Choose from 100, 125, 145, 160, or 190 grains.  Add $6.00.