55/60 Spine Premium Douglas Fir Arrows

55/60 Spine Premium Douglas Fir Arrows

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1 Dozen 55/60 pound hand spined premium Douglas Fir Arrows. These arrows are 11/32" diameter with a tail taper down to 5/16" on the nock end. They have a clear crown and a walnut stain on the rest of the arrow. They are then double clear coated over the entire shaft.

They fletching consists of four, 4" shield cut feathers. The arrows are all 30" long overall (29" Back Of Point).


Cut to length and taper for points ($3.00) - The measurement from the valley of the nock to the "back of point" (BOP). We will add ONE inch for the point taper.

Install Field Points ($6.00) - Choose from 100, 125, 145, 160, or 190 grains.

Custom Ordering

If you would like to order custom arrows, please call or email. (503) 913-1340 or riley@archerypast.com 

There are too many options to include them all on the website, but here is how it breaks down:

  • 1 dozen premium tapered wood arrows matched within five pound spine and 10 grains overall weight. Choose from Douglas Fir or Port Orford Cedar - $125.00.
  • White Crown is free of charge, clear crown with walnut stain on the body of the shaft is an extra $6.00.
  • Choose three 5" feathers or four 4" feathers
  • Choose shield cut feathers or parabolic
  • Choose feather colors - Black, Blue, Blue Barred, Brown, Chartreuse, Chartreuse Barred, Gray, Gray Barred, Green Orange, Pink , Purple, Purple Barred, Red, Red Barred, White, Yellow, Yellow Barred.  No charge for solid color, but barred feathers cost an extra $12.00.
  • Choose your nock color - Apricot, Black, Blue, Lime, Red, White, or Yellow
  • We will match cresting with your color choices free of charge.
  • Cut to length free of charge.
  • Taper for points add $3.00.
  • Install field points.  Choose from 100, 125, 145, 160, or 190 grains.  Add $6.00.