African Warthog 3-D Target by Delta McKenzie

African Warthog 3-D Target by Delta McKenzie

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African Warthog Archery Target

Turn your archery practice into a trip to the African grasslands with the African Warthog Archery Target.  Featuring realistic features and body size, this 3D target offers universal scoring rings in the vital areas to help you practice for your next competition or hunt.  The warthog can be penetrated from multiple angles with arrows fitted with field points or broadheads.


  • Realistic body
  • DuraFlex foam midsection
  • E-Z Flex replaceable insert
  • Universal scoring rings
  • Use with broadheads and field tips
  • Bow Speed: 300-350
  • Shoulder Height: 25”
  • Length: 43”
  • Model: 21710