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Douglas Fir Hunter Grade Wood Arrow Shafts by Surewood Shafts

Douglas Fir Hunter Grade Wood Arrow Shafts by Surewood Shafts

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Surewood Shafts "The finest in raw arrow shafting." Each pack contains one dozen douglas fir Hunter Grade wood arrow shafts from Surewood Shafts. They come grouped in 5-pound spine increments starting as low as 35# all the way up to 85#. All shafts are 11/32" in diameter. Each full length shaft is 32" long.

Cut to length (free of charge) - In your shopping cart, we need you to give us the measurement from the valley of the nock to the "back of point" (BOP) in the special instructions box. We will add ONE inch for the point taper.

Point taper ($3.00 per dozen) - Because the nature of Douglas Fir does not lend itself very well to the razor blade type tapering tools, we offer a point and nock taper. We now have a custom disc sander to do this operation.

Nock taper ($3.00 per dozen) - Orders that include a back taper receive a nock taper free of charge.

Back taper ($9.00 per dozen) - 9.5” Back Taper to 5/16” and automatically comes with a nock taper.

Shaft Grading
Hunter Grade ($36.00) - Hunter Grades are hand graded and hand spined and weighed to plus or minus 10 grains. They are spined within a 5 pound range. Very slight annual growth ring run off. No fewer than three growth rings per shaft, a very good useable shaft. Hunter Grade make great arrows for hunting and target practice.