Easton Carbon Legacy Arrow Shafts

Easton Carbon Legacy Arrow Shafts

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If you're looking for an arrow shaft that honors tradition while embracing technology, Easton has just what you need! The Easton Carbon Legacy™ arrow shaft features a traditional wood grain look on a high-quality carbon fiber arrow shaft. They've even added a high-visibility white cap for easy arrow retrieval.

Easton Carbon Legacy™ arrow shafts feature a .244" inside diameter. They are installed with 6.5MM 3D Super Nocks, with RPS aluminum inserts included.

Enjoy accuracy, stability, strength, and tradition with Easton Carbon Legacy™ arrow shafts!

Sold by the dozen. Available in 340, 400, 500, 600, and 700 spines. Please specify.
  • 6.5MM 3D Super Nocks installed
  • RPS aluminum inserts included
  • Constructed of high-quality carbon fiber
  • Realistic wood grain finish with a high-visibility white cap
  • .244" ID
  • Straightness .006