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Grizzly 2 Blade, Single Bevel, Screw In Broadheads

Grizzly 2 Blade, Single Bevel, Screw In Broadheads

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From the tanto tip, which resist curling on heavy bone impacts to its very dimensions (2-3/4" x 1-1/8" cutting width) Grizzly broadheads are designed for deep penetration.

Grizzly screw-in broadheads are made of two layers of 1075 steel. They are spot welded and copper brazed, then heat treated to 52 Rockwell for incredible strength and edge retention. After being hardened they are precision ground with a single 25° bevel (not hunt ready) and available in both left and right bevel.

The combination of the long, lean shape of the Grizzly, and the 25 degree single bevel, aids in busting heavy bone. This is accomplished through the twisting action the single bevel produces as it passes through tissue. This twisting action is also responsible for the "S" shaped wound channel, which allows for better blood trails.

Color varies by grain weight. Sold by the three pack. Available in right or left wing bevel in 150, 175, and 200 grains.

Make sure you order Right Bevel for right wing feathers and Left Bevel for left wing feathers. Sold in 3 pack.