Old Mountain Archery Edge 68" Longbow

Old Mountain Archery Edge 68" Longbow

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68" Blade longbow by Old Mountain Archery. Affordable longbow, similar to the Edge model with a more traditional slant. A highlight of red Padauk and Maple separates the Walnut riser core and Dymondwood® heel. Like the Edge longbow, it fits neatly in a medium hand and favors a low wrist. The shelf has a moderately deep cut, though not to center, with a short window that once more favors instinctive shooting.

The Blade makes use clear fiberglass with ash on the back and belly for its long limbs. Between the two layers of ash sit a maple core with an additional lamination of fiberglass. It makes for a bow that handles nicely to 28" and beyond for those that might have a longer than average draw length.

The bow includes a shelf setup as well as a standard dacron string and string setup. It is also capable of accepting a Fast Flight type string for improved arrow speed.

Models come left handed or right handed. Choose from 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, or 60 pounds